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Upcoming Story Workshops and Practices

Storytelling Workshop
Jan 23, 2018 Wed (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM)
Hostelling International Offices
1212 Market St, Third Floor, SF

Eventbrite - Beyond Borders Storytelling Workshop for Story Jams

This workshop is focus is on telling true personal first-person stories before live audiences without notes. We will cover storytelling basics and not-so-basics, including how to hook an audience, building interest and suspense, techniques for adding color, humor, and pathos, and delivering a powerful ending. 

We’ll also talk about what it’s like to perform for an audience, and provide tools and advice for storytelling like a boss while having fun. Join us to share stories, pizza and make some new friends.

Also there's opportunties for workshop attendees to participate in our upcoming story jams at PianoFight in San Francisco on February 22 and April 17


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