Beyond Borders Storytelling

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April 17 (8:00 PM - 9:30 PM)
144 Tyalor, SF
Tickets: $12 online | $15 at the door

Eventbrite - Beyond Borders SECRETS Story Jam

From juicy tidbits to downright horrors, everybody loves a secret -- but not everyone can keep one. On April 17, join six storytellers who couldn't hold it in any longer. What darkness will they divulge? Maybe it's that thing they should've told their spouse 20 years ago but never did, the mystery ingredient in Grandma Rose's famous spaghetti sauce, the stripper gig that paid for grad school, or the hazing ritual that the cops still ask about. You won't want to miss this show, because the only thing worse than trying to keep a secret is being the last to know!

Have a secret to share?
If you'd like to tell a 5-10 minute story for SECRETS or a future story jam, pitch us your idea here. Or if you're not quite ready to be on stage, find your moxie here.

Featured Storytellers

Rahul Sansi: BEAR!
A car salesman, a bottle of French champagne and a bear, if you’re confused Rahul Sansi has a perfectly good explanation how they relate.
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Cat Cvengros: I the Pretty
In the land of the most beautiful women on earth Cat trades in her Birkenstocks for an Armenian makeover.... Watch Now>>