Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.

Oct 16 DEMONS Story Jam

Oct 16, 8:00pm-9:30pm
144 Taylor, San Francisco
Tickets: $12 online | $15 Door

Eventbrite - Beyond Borders Storytelling Workshop

DEMONS: Join us for an exorcism through stories as six storytellers expose devils inside and out: their hidden pasts, tormentors, dark secrets, youthful indiscretions, deepest fears, arch nemeses, and Achille's heels. Don't miss an evening of tales that will haunt your days and keep you up at night!

Presented in partnership with the fantastic, fun folks at Hostelling International USA. Check them out at:

Featured Storytellers

Rahul Sansi: BEAR!
A car salesman, a bottle of French champagne and a bear, if you’re confused Rahul Sansi has a perfectly good explanation how they relate.
Watch Now>>

Cat Cvengros: I the Pretty
In the land of the most beautiful women on earth Cat trades in her Birkenstocks for an Armenian makeover.... Watch Now>>