Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.


Metamorphosis Story Jam
April 17, 8:00pm-9:30pm
144 Taylor St, San Francisco
Tickets: $12 online | $15 door

Eventbrite - Beyond Borders Storytelling Workshop

Join us for stories about dramatic change: a transformation, rebirth or makeover. Evolution from shy caterpillar to majestic butterfly. A relationship that mutates beyond recognition. Turning a creative passion into a lucrative career. A slight edit with sweeping consequences, or a major revision that no one noticed. Or simply awakening to your better self. On April 17, put your existential crisis on hold and experience stories of true Metamorphosis!

Do you have a story?
If you would like to join us on stage and have a true, personal story we'd love to hear it. Send us your pitch at

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Forgetting Your Story
Many storytellers fear forgetting their story on stage. Here's some tips on keeping your story straight.

Storyteller Survival Guide
Although many people causally break into stories quite naturally in everyday life, getting on stage to tell a story is stressful and far from a natural feeling. Here are four fundamental elements to preparing and telling a story on stage.


Mike Sela - Two of Clubs
It can be lonely at the top so Mike stacks the deck to find a friend.
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Aparna Jayaraman: Pride
Survival instincts and local vocabulary kick in when a group of Americans find themselves in an unknown village in Lesotho.  Watch Now>>