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LOST Story Jam

June 12 (8:00 PM - 9:30 PM)
144 Taylor St, SF
Tickets: Online $12 | Door $15

Eventbrite - Beyond Borders Storytelling Lost Jam

LOST: A place we’ve all been

Join six storytellers as they share true-life tales of getting off at the wrong bus stop, becoming caught up in a moment, going astray in life, or misplacing important objects.

Sometimes the most exciting adventures begin with a wrong turn. We could stop and ask for directions, but if life is all about the journey, why would we ever want to reach our destination?

Want to Share a Story?
f you have a true, personal 5-10 min story you'd like to tell about getting lost, being lost, or just plain looking lost, we want to hear from you!, pitch us your idea here.

Featured Storytellers

Rahul Sansi: BEAR!
A car salesman, a bottle of French champagne and a bear, if you’re confused Rahul Sansi has a perfectly good explanation how they relate.
Watch Now>>

Cat Cvengros: I the Pretty
In the land of the most beautiful women on earth Cat trades in her Birkenstocks for an Armenian makeover.... Watch Now>>