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Oct 11, Between Worlds Jam
Not Here, Not There

Weds, Oct 11 (6:30pm - 8:00pm)
144 Taylor Street, San Francisco
Tickets: $12 online | $15 at the door

Hometown, adopted land. Not quite strangers, not quite friends. Living in the past, sleepwalking through the present. Haunted by ghosts, tormented by mortals. Peer pressure, family pressure. The Dark Side, the Force.

Join us on Oct 11 as six storytellers share captivating tales of being stranded between worlds, even though we occupy the same planet.


Featured Storytellers

Patty Polpattana: SOTUS 
Back 2001 Patty tried to gain a place in her University's engineering club. As a freshman university student in engineering she experience a male dominated world much different than her all girls high school.
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Brad Williams: Amazing Grace
In Peru, mealtime was always a test of Brad's Spanish-speaking abilities. But one day his host family asks a question he must answer in English... Watch Now>>