Beyond Borders Storytelling

Stories for Wanderlusting Adventurers.

Storytelling Workshop

Weds, Nov 1 (6:30pm - 8:00pm)
Hostelling International USA
1212 Market Street, 3nd Floor, SF

You don’t have to have walked on the moon to have a great story. Sometimes the most mundane experiences make the best stories. Our workshops teach you how to tell a personal story in front of a live audience. We will cover storytelling basics and not-so-basics, including how to hook an audience, building interest and suspense, techniques for adding color, humor, and pathos, and delivering a powerful ending..

MAGIC Story Jam

Dec 13 (7:30pm-9:00pm):
Piano Fight
144 Taylor St, San Francisco
Tickets: $12 online | $15 at the door

Rediscover child-like wonder as we take you on story journeys of magic, mystery, wizardry and charms. Be enchanted by things you don't understand. Marvel at tales of super powers, the supernatural and stranger things. Sleight of hand, flick of wrist, now you see it, now you don't.

Join us December 13 as six storytellers cast their spells with true life personal stories of magic.

Got a story with some magic?
Tis the Holiday's and we want to celebrate the magic moments in our all our lives. If you're willing to share you story please contact Will at

Featured Storytellers

Rahul Sansi: BEAR!
A car salesman, a bottle of French champagne and a bear, if you’re confused Rahul Sansi has a perfectly good explanation how they relate.
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Cat Cvengros: I the Pretty
In the land of the most beautiful women on earth Cat trades in her Birkenstocks for an Armenian makeover.... Watch Now>>